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Parish Pearls – Summer 2017

Many thanks to Dave Farrell for his quick work in taking down our playground, which had developed some dangerous attributes related to normal aging.  Also, thank you to the members of the The Brotherhood of St. Andrew who hauled away the bits and pieces.  Members of the Vestry and several young parents of the parish are collaborating together to find an appropriate new swing set for our parish.  If you have questions or comments or want to help, see Virginia, Alfreda Barber, Andy Halpryn, Dave Smith, Kimmie Farrell or Bethany Chanthavisouk.

Please pray for our youth attending the Episcopal Youth Event in Oklahoma City. Rachel Feenstra has worked for more than a year on the organizing committee for the event. St. John’s is delighted to be represented by Rachel and also James Paul Cosman Forbes, Amelia Halpryn, and Teddy Halpryn as participants. Virginia is going with the delegation as an adviser and chaperone.  The event is July 10-14.

The improvements to the organic vegetable gardens have been completed.  Many thanks to Teddy Halpryn for doubling the size of the garden through his Eagle Scout project.  And abundant thanks to all of you who supported this project financially and/or with your time and talent.  Also, we have used the Grant Monies awarded in the spring from the North Central District of Public Health ($1,500) and the ECCT’s ECW ($500) to bring water across the parking lot directly to the garden. The garden is thriving and is always in need to supportive help.  If you want to help out in any way, please see Letty or Virginia. A final note – our warmest and sincere thanks go to our friend and “snow plow man,” Jimmy Fecko, who dug the ditch, laid the pipe and electrical conduit, filled it all in, and repaired the driveway.  Jimmy is deeply generous to St. John’s and has a huge heart. It is a privilege to know Jimmy and work with him.

On July 16th Karen Hamilton, Canon for Mission Communications for the ECCT, will be at St. John’s at 9 am to talk with people from both services on video about our merging into one St. John’s.  She wants to capture quick stories, short anecdotes, and snipets of connection, joy, hope, challenge, sorrow, and mutual work and effort in our process of coming together. We hope you will be able to be present that day. Karen will film for several hours and then edit our comments for length and clarity to produce a short video. She wants to talk briefly with anybody who is willing to be filmed, which I hope will be most of us!! ☺

And speaking of the merger, we will gather at 9:10 on Sunday morning, July 30th (between the services), for a quick and official meeting of both parishes together, to vote on a new and short term Vestry configuration (please see the attached chart). If we vote together for the re-configured Vestry, we would have one joined Vestry staring August 1st.  Four Vestry members of SJEH would join the current SJV Vestry.  In January, three members of the SJV Vestry would finish their terms and there would be no new nominations to Vestry for the year of 2018.  In 2019, the four members originally from SJEH and three class members from SJV, would finish their terms and we would elect 3 new Vestry class members for a two year term and 3 Vestry class members for a three year term. Also, new Wardens would be elected in 2019. All the positions open in 2019 would be open to any member in good standing nominated by the Nominating Committee, of the new, single St. John’s located in Vernon. Later this summer we will be merging financial functions under the leadership of the newly configured Vestry. Then on November 18th, we are invited to attend Convention in Greenwich (we will likely hire a bus) where our faithful work in accomplishing this joining together will be celebrated and voted on by the entire assembled Convention.  The video made on July 16th will be shown, and Paul Finney, Bill Francis, Don Wills, Kevin Fenner, Mark and Virginia will speak, as they did with the Bishops and Canons, Standing Committee, and Mission Council on June 10th.  The approval of those governing groups was officially given at the end of June. GOD is GOOD indeed!!

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS to all the gentlemen of the parish who are mowing the grass, trimming the edges, and generally keeping our place looking shipshape. This is hot, sweaty work and we are deeply grateful for the commitment of time and labor that is shared so generously!

Remember to take Flat Jesus with you as you travel and share Sabbath time this summer with family and friends.  You may post your photos on the Lower Parish Hall bulletin board or send them digitally to David Clarke at

And now is a perfect time to start sending us your photos of parish life, the gardens, various activities, fellowship time, worship, faith in action, and parishioners. Once again, Andy Halpryn will put them together in a digital presentation for our Annual Meeting.  Send any and all photos taken in 2017 (including prom pics and graduation photos of our youth) to:

Many of you have asked where the Directories are.  I understand why you are asking, as it is almost a year since the first photos were taken. Lifetouch has been exceedingly difficult and unreliable as a vendor.  I won’t share all the details, but it has been a slog to get things done and keep the process on track. I am hopeful that they will come sometime in September. Please know that Margaret and I are keeping a watchful eye on Lifetouch and our directory and riding the delays and problems.

  My Dear St. John’s Community,

How can I ever begin to thank you for all the ways in which you have loved me into the priesthood?!  Your support, guidance, wisdom & love have been such a light in my discernment & formation, and I am & will be, eternally grateful that God brought us together!  Thank you for your extraordinary generosity, in sharing your lives with me, and in sending me off into the world with three beautiful reminders of our ongoing walk together!  The stole that Cheryl made for my diaconal ordination and the new rainbow stole & chasuble are exquisite, fun, and feel like a giant hug from all of you! ☺  I understand there’s a purple set coming as well!  You guys are nothing short of amazing!

Along with this note I am sending you all GIANT love!  Thanks for being part of my story & my heart – and thanks for letting me be part of yours!  God bless you. 

XO Jane 

  PATRICK BAKER & SONS CHURCH INCENTIVE PROGRAM – Patrick Baker and Sons is a local religious gift supply distributor that the Altar Guild has worked with for years.  We purchase hosts, candle oil, linens, and our pew torches from them.  Their retail store is located at 1650 West Street, Southington, Ct., and they offer high quality religious gift items, cards, books, statuary, Christmas decorations, and much more.  Bakers will credit the St. John’s church account 10% of the cost of every purchase you make from the retail store.  Here is how it works.

Option 1:  Visit    Under the Retail Tab select the products you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.  Proceed to checkout and remember to enter the Code # 3670 or select St. John’s from the list of churches.  That’s it!  You will receive your items in the mail.

Option 2:  Visit the retail store and mention the church code (3670).

Option 3:  Call and place an order on the phone at 1-800-243-6385 and mention the church code.

If you have not been to the store we think you will be impressed and your purchase will help defray our costs.

Happy Shopping!  Sue Douglass and Lois Valliere 

Rings July Anniversaries

7/4 – Sid & Bethany Chanthavisouk; 7/8 – Wesley & Linda Shorts, Mark & Letty Naigles;
7/12 – Robert & Maureen Reault; 7/14 – Stephen & Holly Filipek; 7/16 – Erick & Christina Knickerbocker; 7/21 – Gerry & Shirley Cosman; 7/25 – Donald & Sandra Morissette; 7/27 – Orin & Grace Bartle;
7/29 – Ben & DeLynn Mund

August Anniversaries

8/6 – John & Joanne Palica; 8/7 – Ray & Jan Bienkowski; 8/19 – Kevin & Melissa Fenner;
8/20 – Gary & Diane MacNeal, Paul & Sharon Janovicz; 8/21 – John & Barbara Shea;
8/24 – Leroy & Georgette Schober; 8/26 – John & Wendy Ward

Dates to Remember

July 2 UNITED Worship at 9:00 am Rite I with music by the Palmers (NO coffee hour)
July 5 5:30 pm Book Group at the Rectory.  Potluck Supper.  Reading and Discussing, A Piece of The World, by Christina Baker Kline.
July 7 6:00 pm Hosting Northeast CT Regional Missional Convocation. Dinner and conversations with people of the parishes of our area, and our new missioner, Maggie Breen. Please let Virginia know if you wish to come.  You are MOST welcome.
July 9 8:00 am Rite I and 10:00 am Rite II with Nursery Care, Music by the Palmers, and Coffee Hour
July 9 during coffee hour, a brief ECW meeting about National Night Out in Rockvile on August 1st
July 10 – 14 Episcopal Youth Event on OKLAHOMA.  Please pray for our participants; Amelia and Teddy Halpryn, James Paul (Cosman) Forbes, and Virginia
July 10 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercroft
July 12 7:30 pm Meeting of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew in the Undercroft
July 16 8:00 am Rite I and 10:00 am Rite II with Nursery Care, and Coffee Hour
July 17 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercrft
July 16 5:00 pm Altar Guild Dinner at the Rectory
July 20 10:30 am Pastoral CareGivers at Fox Hill
July 20 6:00 pm ECW Steering Committee and Potluck Supper at the Rectory
July 23 8:00 am Rite I and 10:00 am Rite II with Nursery Care, and Coffee Hour
July 24 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercroft
July 27 7:00 pm “Let’s Have Fun Together” Planning Meeting in the Undercroft
July 30 8:00 am Rite I, 9:15 am, Brief meeting of the two St. John’s in the LPH to approve the new vestry configuration as we transition to a single merged entity, 10:00  am Rite II with Nursery Care and Coffee Hour
July 31 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercroft

August 1 5:00-8:00 pm National Night Out in Rockville
August 6 8:00 am Rite I and 10:00 am Rite II with Music, Nursery Care, and Coffee Hour
August 7 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercroft
August 7 7:30 pm meeting of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew in the Undercroft
August 13 8:00 am Rite II and 10:00 am Rite II with Music, Nursery Care, and Coffee Hour
August 14 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercroft
August 20 8:00 am Rite I and 10:00 Rite II with Music, Nursery Care, and Coffee Hour
August 21 7:00 pm Knitting Fellowship in the Undercroft
August 24 10:30 am Pastoral CareGivers at Fox Hill
August 27 8:00 am Rite I and 10:00 am Rite II with Music, Nursery Care, and Coffee hour

Save the Dates:

September 10 Homecoming Sunday 8 am Rite I and 10 am Rite II with resumption of Church School and Choir, followed by Luncheon at the Rectory in lieu of Coffee Hour
September 11 7 pm Vestry – Undercroft
September 12 11:45 am Senior Luncheon – Lower Parish Hall
September 12 7 pm ECW meeting – Undercroft
September 13 7 pm Resumption of Eucharist and Healing Prayers and Faith Study
September 30 The Brotherhood of St. Andrew Steak and Chicken Dinner

Flat Jesus



On Sunday, July 30, 2017, there will be a brief meeting of
St. John’s East Hartford and St. John’s Vernon. This will take place in the lower parish hall at 9:10 am. The purpose is to approve the Joint Vestry configuration/plan.

All parishioners are encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila M. Stupcenski, Parish Clerk


All members of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Vernon are invited to attend a Brief Parish Meeting at 9:10 a.m. on Sunday, July 30, 2017, in the Lower Parish Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to approve a joint vestry plan of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Vernon and St. John’s Episcopal Church of East Hartford.

Thank you,
Alfreda A. Barber, Vestry Clerk

Vestry Membership






Bill Francis – SJV Bill Francis – SJV Senior Warden Senior Warden Senior Warden
Alicia Dileo Palmer – SJV Alicia Dileo Palmer – SJV Junior Warden Junior Warden Junior Warden
Alfreda Barber – SJV Alfreda Barber – SJV Alfreda Barber – SJV Alfreda Barber – SJV Alfreda Barber – SJV
Kevin Fenner – SJV Kevin Fenner – SJV Kevin Fenner – SJV Kevin Fenner – SJV Kevin Fenner – SJV
Andrew Halpryn – SJV Andrew Halpryn – SJV Andrew Halpryn – SJV Andrew Halpryn – SJV Andrew Halpryn – SJV
Carol Nelson – SJV Ray Carmichael – SJV Cheryl Abbott – SJV 2021a 2022a
Maureen Pinkerman – SJV Lexi Kremer – SJV Elaine Anderson – SJV 2021b 2022b
David Smith – SJV Jackie Petrizzo – SJV Tom Sessions – SJV 2021c 2022c
Ray Carmichael – SJV Cheryl Abbott – SJV 2021a (2 yr. term) 2022a 2023a
Lexi Kremer – SJV Elaine Anderson – SJV 2021b (2 yr. term) 2022b 2023b
Jackie Petrizzo – SJV Tom Sessions – SJV 2021c (2 yr. term) 2022c 2023c
Cheryl Abbott – SJV Linda Collier – SJEH 2022a (3 yr. term) 2023a 2024a
Elaine Anderson – SJV Paul Finney – SJEH 2022b (3 yr. term) 2023b 2024b
Tom Sessions – SJV Mark Babcock – SJEH 2022c (3 yr. term) 2023c 2024c
Linda Collier – SJEH Don Wills – SJEH      
Paul Finney – SJEH        
Mark Babcock – SJEH        
Don Wills – SJEH        


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