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2017 was a year of new opportunities and challenges. One year ago, we welcomed our new brothers and sisters in Christ from East Hartford and thanks be to God — with support from Virginia and Mark — our combination was voted final in November at convention and was sealed with the singing of the Doxology. From a financial standpoint, St. John’s is in a good place. Our assets have grown, thanks to a good stock market and combining assets from East Hartford, but mostly due to the continued generosity of the people of St. John’s. While we missed balancing the budget by the smallest of margins, we are in a strong position going into 2018. Average weekly pledges and total Revenues were up and Expenses were up only slightly due to the combination of our parishes. Following are some highlights from the year:


The final pledge tally was 102 pledges, a net decrease of 3. However, average weekly pledges of $42.08 increased by $1.42. In absolute terms, there were 10 pledges that were not renewed partially offset by 7 new or reinstated pledges, excluding pledges from SJ-EH. Going into 2018, we need to continue to live into our baptismal covenant and be good stewards of all that God has given us.

Fund Raising

Fundraising income in 2017 was approximately $4,000. Annual Gift card sales of $1,329 were just surpassed by the Tag Sale’s profits of $1,348. Nut sale profits of $1,031 continue to be strong, and the net profit from the Corned Beef dinner was $287 (not to mention, delicious.) Many thanks to Mike Brown, Alicia DiLeo and Carol Cronsell among others who made the Tag Sale such a success. Also thanks to Lois Valliere and Bill Francis for running the Corned Beef Dinner and Gift Card Sales. Let’s not forget all who “go nuts” in December packing up the nuts we sell. Fundraising activities continue to be a good source of income (not to mention fun) for St. John’s. I ask all of you to continue to support these efforts.

Faith in Action

The Nancy Braender Endowment generated income to St. Johns of approximately $8,600 during 2017, all of which was used for outreach grants. In addition to these grants, more than $11,500 were contributed to various causes by our Ministries, most notably the ECW who contributed $3,772 to various causes including the Cheyenne River Lakota Reservation in SD, as well as the National Night Out and Christmas gifts for an adopted family. The Brotherhood of St Andrew collected and donated more than $2,000 to the victims of the Hurricanes in Puerto Rico. Let’s not forget the more than $800 sent to IREJN (ask Letty) raised by the “Party for the Planet.” More than $500 were raised for the Episcopal Relief and Development (and priceless fun had) by the Tree of Light in December. We also collected and contributed $2,000 to Puerto Rican relief efforts. Finally, more than $4,500 was raised for the American Cancer Society by the Spirit Walkers Relay for Life Team. Adding the contributions to the ECCT, the total amount of financial grants was more than $60,000.

Perhaps one of our greatest testaments of Faith in Action is the produce that is sewn, grown, and shared from the organic garden. With 2017 improvements by St. John’s Eagle Scouts Teddy Halprynand Max Fenner, the 2018 output is sure to be more than we can imagine. The generosity of St. John’s continues to amaze me.


I am finding every year begins with expected financial challenges for St. John’s and yet, each year we manage to balance the books. I enjoy the work of being treasurer because it allows me to serve in a capacity in which I am capable, but more so, because it renews my faith in God and our community as we “walk the talk” and live generously in thought, word and deed.


Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin D. Fenner, Treasurer

Click here to access the 2017 Endowment Funds and Bank Accounts Summary

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