Church School and Nursery


The church school for elementary school age children continues. This program combines a short worship service followed by a discussion of age-appropriate versions of the weekly readings and a thematically-appropriate craft. Although the class attendance is still low, this year has seen an significant increase from last year. We have started to include the pre-school in our worship service.

Highlights each year include the Christmas Pageant, the Epiphany Procession, and Children and Youth Sunday.

Maureen Pinkerman, Andrew Halpryn, and Jane Sutcliffe volunteer to share responsibility for the program and are looking for some new volunteers to help.  All volunteers must be safe church trained according to the Cannons of the Diocese of Connecticut.  Rachel Feenstra and Amelia Halpryn work with our youngest members in the Nursery on Sunday mornings.

Church School Banner

Church School Banner


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