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As I reflect on my final year as the Senior Warden of St. John’s, I would like to share some final thoughts on Leadership, Finance, and Priority setting.

Leadership:  Vestry service is certainly a calling unlike no other.  I am thankful that we are able to continue to be able to attract and retain members that truly reflect the diversity of our parish.  I would like to personally thank the retiring vestry class of 2015 (even though a couple of them are not going very far.  Alicia DiLeo, Andy Halpryn, and Cheryl Abbott– thank you all for your commitment to leadership at St. John’s over the past three years.  Your insight and perspective make the vestry experience a truly collaborative process.  I am also thankful for the new vestry class as well – Jackie Petrizzo, Ray Carmichael and Lexi Kremer– Welcome aboard!

Finance:  Once again, during 2015 we were able to meet our financial commitments as a parish and have balanced the budget!!  While financial matters are important, they did not absorb the majority of the vestry’s time and energy.  This is in large part due to the hard work and steady hand of Gerry Cosman our Treasurer.  Thank you, Gerry.

Priority Setting:  Early in the vestry year, the whole vestry gathered together after services to review the established areas of focus for the parish.  This planning session is a continuation of the PMC process that we participated in several years ago.  The planning process allows the vestry to be mindful of our priorities – past, present and future – and set goals that are attainable so we can work purposefully towards those ends.  We continue to annually review, set and develop plans to achieve our goals in 2016 and beyond.

Leadership:  2015 posed the vestry with a unique set of leadership challenges.  In addition to needing to fill a new vestry class, we knew going into the year that we needed to find 2 new wardens due to term limitations.  We were also informed that Gerry Cosman, our treasurer for close to two decades (see paragraph 3), said he wanted to retire, and really meant it.  After prayerful consideration, the nominating committee was able to attract and fill the officer positions.  Once these positions were filled, the team was able to fill a new 3-year class of vestry members, all of which I believe have never served on the vestry before.  Vestry service is a calling like no other.  Being a part of the business side of parish life at times makes the spiritual side even more rewarding.

Finally, Thanks to all of you for your continued support and kind words of encouragement during the past three years.  I am most proud of being able to serve with some of the most dedicated servants of God that I have ever met.  Keeping St. John’s on a firm footing and managing through the obstacles that life provides is a bonus!  Thanks be to God, indeed.


Kevin Fenner

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