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Dear fellow St. John’s Parishioners

It is my great pleasure to report to you that St. Johns Vernon is healthy, happy and growing.

Our buildings and campus are in good condition, our staff is second to none and our parishioners are thoughtful, loving and generous.

Under the guidance of our Lord, the leadership of our beloved Rector Virginia, and the thoughtful management of your Vestry, we have accomplished great things.

Some of the improvements we have made include a new sanitizer in the kitchen, energy saving lighting over our Altar, a tankless hot water heater for our Alter Guild, relighting the cross on the north side of the Church, expanding our organic garden and adding the beginnings of a butterfly garden, new windows in our lower parish hall, a revamped website and new carpeting in the Narthex.

Our mission and outreach efforts continue by doing Our Lord’s work in our community, our state and our world. The ECW, our youth group, The Brotherhood of St. Andrew, the Environmental ministry and the generosity of our parishioners continue to spread the GOOD NEWS to the Cornerstone Kitchen, Relay for Life, The Food Pantry, to the Hockanum Valley for Thanksgiving, to St. Vincent’s school in Haiti, The Lakota Indian reservation and others. We are happy to accomplish this not only through financial support but through our gifts of Time, Talent AND Treasure.

Our fellowship life together continues through our music concerts, chili nights, nut nights, carol sings, tree lighting, cookie making, steak and chicken dinner, corned beef and stewardship dinner events, Sr. Luncheons, knitting and book groups and many, many other groups and ministries.

This year we are very excited about the prospects of our upcoming merger with St. Johns East Hartford. The Lord has led them, through their prayers and thoughtful meditations. We continue to pray with them for guidance through this period of transition. We welcome our brothers and sisters with open hearts and open arms and we are grateful for the opportunity to become one, together in Christ.

Faithfully submitted


Bill Francis, Sr. Warden

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