Good News for non-Facebook Users Who Wish it Attend the Service in Real Time
It appears that the live streamed Facebook services can be watched in real time by non-Facebook users. Here is how I was able to do it on my computer. Some variations may be required on your computers or smartphones. I have attached a short video that demonstrates the procedure.

  1. Start on St. John’s Facebook page,, (The top and bottom of page want you to sign in or create new account — but the page content is visible).
  2. Move the cursor over to the left and look for “Videos”
  3. Click on it (i.e., “Videos”)
  4. The page will update to show a list of videos. Look for one that says “Live.”
  5. Most likely our clocks are not aligned, meaning the video may not have started yet. Therefore, my suggestion is that you periodically continue to click on “Videos” until the “Live” one shows up.
  6. When it finally shows up, double-click on it. This will start showing the live video.


It seems that there is a short delay in the resulting video. I’m not sure if it eventually ‘corrects’, but, at least you are pretty much “in the moment” during the celebration.



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