St. John’s Knit-Togethers

As Bishop Laura pointed out at her recent visit to St. John’s, Rockville is known as “the wool city” due to its rich wool mills history.  How appropriate for our group of dedicated knitters and crocheters that we enjoy turning that wool into hats, mittens, scarves, afghans, and prayers shawls.  The items produced are shared with parishioners, sent to Haiti and the Lakota Indian Tribe, given to people at the time of home visits, and at hospital and nursing home visits.  We hope they bring comfort, hope, peace, and love to all that receive them.

We are grateful to Carol Lee Pitkin and Carolyn Turk for their abundant contributions to our ministry.  While they knit at home, they are an important part of our extended group.

We continue to receive contributions of yarn, needles, unfinished projects, and pattern books.  We thank you and hope to turn all of that yarn into finished items in the future.

We meet in the undercroft most Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm, sharing stories, patterns, and time.  We welcome all who would like to join us, and I am grateful to all who readily share their gifts.

Remember — you can never have too much yarn — or time to knit!  — Lois Valliere

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