Wedding Policies

St. John’s Wedding Policies, Procedures, and Facility Fees

St. John’s is a lovely place for a wedding.  The sanctuary is open and attractive, we have a beautiful memorial garden in the back for outside pictures, and we have an extraordinary musician and excellent acoustics.

Our Rector meets with couples four times in advance of the wedding to conduct premarital preparation and planning for the specifics of the service. These meetings are required and are scheduled at times of mutual convenience.

All weddings are scheduled at the discretion of the Rector.

Divorced persons may be re-married in the Episcopal Church.  Additional paperwork and the approval of the Bishop is required, so at least a year’s notice should be given in scheduling a wedding when either or both of the partners have been previously wed.

Gay and Lesbian persons may also be married in the Episcopal Churches of CT and at St. John’s specifically.

To inquire about scheduling a wedding, please call the church office at 860-872-0517 or the Rector directly.

The facilities fee is $500 for the use of the building, heat, light, etc. (There is NO fee for the priest’s services.)

There is a $275 fee for the organist/pianist and a $100 fee for the sexton.

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