The New St. John’s Logo

A new / merged parish needs a new logo

When St John’s East Hartford and St. John’s Vernon both voted to join together, it was felt that a new logo was appropriate for our new consolidated parish, one that showed how our two parishes had become one. (There was also some concern that our old logo ‘borrowed’ too much from Diocesan logo.)

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 17.14.10First, I decided to continue using the shape of the ECCT’s logo.  In this way we loosely identify with the Diocese we belong to.  Other than that, there is nothing that has been ‘borrowed’ from their logo.

Logo_4b2The previous logo used a stylised eagle to show that we are a forward thinking parish, rather than one deeply locked into tradition. Next I tried colour combinations.  What seemed to work best was a gold eagle on a red background.  Gold is the colour of revealed truth, making it an ideal colour for the eagle that is the symbol of St. John the Evangelist.  Red is the colour of love and zeal, which seemed to represent our consolidated parish.  Red is also the colour of the Holy Spirit, who has been leading us all the way.

Logo_6At this point, Virginia suggested adding a cross that didn’t resemble anything on the ECCT logo.  I came up with something that actually has two crosses.  The first one is a form of  “Greek cross” known as a  “cross Pattée” (✚) and the second is a “cross Saltire” (X).  This latter cross is formed by “removing” something from the diamond shape.  To my mind, this sounds like the East Hartford people who were “removed” from the church building where they had worshiped for so long and came to worship in Vernon.  Thus, I think of the cross Saltire as representing East Hartford and the cross Pattée as representing Vernon.

It is necessary to realise in this logo, that neither cross can exist without the other.  If the areas removed to create the cross Saltire are replaced, there will no longer be any cross, just a red diamond shape.  On the other hand, if the cross Pattée is removed, there is nothing left — just the eagle floating in space with no background.  To me, this represents our consolidated or merged parish.  We need each other.

Prayerfully submitted,
David Clarke
St John’s Communications

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