Facilities & Property

The Facilities & Property Ministry Consists Of:

Facilities Commission

The facility commission’s members are Paul Brown, Bill Gutzmer, Larry Willette, Carl Schaeffer, Wes Shorts and Kevin Fenner.  The goal of the commission is to work with the Sextons to ensure that we are caring for the buildings and grounds of St. John’s in an efficient manner and to identify those larger maintenance items that need to be communicated to the vestry.  The Commission will continue to review the facilities list and work with the vestry to ensure appropriate funds are available for continued superior maintenance of our buildings and grounds.


Diane Gutzmer oversees the general function and equipping of the Parish Hall kitchen and she maintains supplies.  The kitchen is well used by various groups and for fellowship. The Kitchen is open to all church members for their use.  We do request those that use it, to clean up after themselves.  If there are any needs or problems, please feel free to let Diane know.

A special thank you to Barbara Cambria and Betty Ellwood for their annual wonderful fall cleaning.

Memorial Garden

The St. John’s Memorial Garden was created in memory of Graham Fulton in 1996, through a gift from the Fulton Family. Graham was a faithful communicant and vestryman of this parish.

The purpose of the Memorial Garden is threefold:

  • To provide a serene burial place for the interment of the ashes of deceased members of St. John’s Episcopal Church.
  • To be a place for prayer reflection, meditation and remembrance.
  • To be a place consecrated for the occasional celebration of the rites and ceremonies of the Episcopal Church.

Serving the Church Triumphant, those who have died in Christ, the Memorial Garden exists as a perpetual memorial to those whose ashes are therein interred. For the Church Militant, those of us still on our earth pilgrimage, the Memorial Garden serves our liturgical and pastoral needs to worship the Lord, and to know the triune presence of God. The Memorial Garden also serves the ancient Christian practice of having a place of burial for the members of a parish.

The Memorial Garden exists under the direction of the Rector, Wardens and Vestry. The Memorial Garden Committee governs the Garden. Members of the Committee are Elaine Anderson, Lucy Fulton, Linda Sprague, Paul Brown, and Bill Gutzmer.

Many thanks to the landscaping and maintenance team of Paul Brown and Bill Gutzmer.




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