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  This page contains the recordings for the January — June, 2021.

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April -- June, 2021

May 2, 5th Sunday of Easter


April 25, 4th Sunday of Easter


April 18, 3rd Sunday of Easter


April 11, 2nd Sunday of Easter


April 4, Easter


April 2, Good Friday


April 1, Maundy Thursday


January -- March, 2021

March 28, Palm Sunday


March 21, 5th Sunday of Lent


March 14, 4th Sunday of Lent


March 7, 3rd Sunday of Lent


February 28, 2nd Sunday of Lent


February 21, 1st Sunday of Lent


February 17, Ash Wednesday


February 14, Last Sunday after Epiphany


February 7, 5th Sunday after Epiphany


January 31, 4th Sunday after Epiphany


January 24, 3rd Sunday after Epiphany


January 17, 2nd Sunday after Epiphany


January 10, 1st Sunday after Epiphany


January 3, 2nd Sunday after Christmas




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