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Cooks For a Cause

Cooks for a Cause Ministry at St. John’s, was started by Maggie and Vance Mortensen a few years ago, and is up and flourishing.  We have dedicated teams that take one Sunday a month out of their busy schedule to give back to their community by cooking brunch for the soup kitchen.  We serve between 50 to 70 meals, depending on the need.

The Environmental Ministry at St. John’s has a garden in the summer and donates the produce to the soup kitchen.

There are many challenges, to feed and clothe the homeless, but the rewards are numerous.  You may feel that you are too busy to give up a Sunday morning once a month, but what a great feeling when you leave and see how grateful these people are for your help and the love you show them by giving up a few hours of your time. If you have any questions, please see Cariole Cronsell.

Our teams members:

First Sunday      Marc Toth
Second Sunday  Sue Howell and Carol Nelson
Third Sunday     Ron and Carole Cronsell
Fourth Sunday   Ray Bienkowski and Carole Cronsell
Fifth Sunday      David Kozma

The cooks share their experiences:

Working for “Cooks For a Cause” is a rewarding and enlightening experience.  The people I meet are friendly and kind and are a constant reminder that our circumstances can change in a minute.  This ministry is a wonderful way to give back for all the blessings of my life.  — Carol Nelson

I enjoy cooking at the soup kitchen because I care about the people in my community and I want to be of service to them.  Volunteering a few hours a month is a very rewarding experience and not difficult to do.   — Sue Howell

The soup kitchen allows me to give back to the community.  I searched for a way to give back, but I felt as though my resources were limited.  Cooking for others has always brought me joy and so Cornerstone has allowed me that joy.  It makes others happy and feeds them, which is really what life is all about.   — Marc Toth



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