Greeters and Ushers

The ushering ministry is dedicated to helping to quietly, unobtrusively and effectively ensure that all who come through our doors experience the rich, meaningful and nurturing Word and Sacraments that St. John’s offers.   — Skip Sutcliffe

To that end, we:

  • Serve, along with the greeters, as the first faces visitors, seekers and and newcomers may see at St. John’s.
  • Provide assistance to those that might need it to find a comfortable seat.
  • Provide directions to the rest rooms, coffee hour location, church office.
  • Provide copies of the order of service, announcements, special service leaflets.
  • Arrange for parishioners to bring forward the Elements at the offering.
  • Arrange for the collection.
  • Assist with ensuring an orderly, dignified processing to Communion.
  • Collect any worship service materials left in the pews after the service is over.

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