Safe Church at St. John’s

For some twenty-five years now the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut and this parish have been committed to Safe Church standards and practices aiming to ensure the safety of our children and vulnerable elders in the context of Church programs and activities. As a new program year begins, it is important to remind everyone of these standards, policies, and practices.

All staff members, clergy and lay, are required to receive thorough background checks and extensive Safe Church training, renewed periodically, and to conform to and implement Safe Church practices, policies, and standards. Lay volunteers who work regularly with children and youth are also required to receive background checks and initial Safe Church training, with renewal training every three years. Vestry members and volunteers—indeed all parishioners—are strongly encouraged to attend Safe Church education sessions that are held periodically at locations around the diocese. These sessions are announced in weekly diocesan e-letters and posted on the diocesan web site, Attendance is cost-free. Please call Margaret in the church office to schedule your attendance.

The aim in all of this is to ensure that participation in Church programs and activities is safe for everyone, so that this Church can reflect as completely as possible the peace, security, and serenity of God’s eternal realm.  — Fr. Ben Brockman

For detailed information about Safe Church at St John’s, please refer to the  Safe Church St John’s Long Form

For the latest Safe Church training schedule, please refer to the this ECCT page

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