St. John’s Tree of Life

The Tree of Life greets us as we enter

The Tree of Life greets us as we enter


The St. John’s Tree Of Life, located in the Upper Narthex of the church, is now more than two years old.  And my, my, how it has blossomed and flourished!  The Tree was conceived and donated as a sort of visual memory book for the family and friends of St. John’s Parish, providing the opportunity for us to mark important celebrations or life milestones: to express in a permanent, public and attractive way our gratitude for special people and occasions in our lives, and to remember and honor our beloved ones who have passed into God’s nearer care and keeping.  The Tree of Life provides a tangible way to remember and celebrate such events as the birth of a child or grandchild, milestone birthdays, baptisms, confirmations, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, particular thanksgivings, the passing of a loved one, and many other special life events.    In its first year of existence, a total of 96 leaves and 12 doves have been purchased. The tree has generated over $20,000 which is being used to help fund our Parishioners’ Outreach Fund, our Capital Reserve Fund and our General Budget expenses, including our faith in action initiatives.

image018When we enter into the season of Thanksgiving, followed closely by Advent and Christmas, we are provoked to reflect on the healing ways in which God’s redeeming light and love is made incarnate in our relationships with family, friends, and community.  That is, the mystery of our love and connection through the grace of Our Lord Jesus is the spiritual focus of our faith journey through the secular aspects of this time of year, to the holy elements of the season.  The gift of a leaf in honor of a person or life event is a lasting way to celebrate those relationships and occasions which make our life whole and joyous, AND, happily, it is a way to support the ministry and mission of St. John’s.

Perhaps the gift of a leaf will be the gift that shows how much someone has meant to you in this season of giving thanks and giving gifts? Order forms are located in the Upper Narthex of the Church. For further information or to place an order, please contact the office.

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